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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 6, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> this is 9 news now. hello. i'm jc hayward. thanks for joining us today. we begin our newscast at the justice where justices just heard a landmark free speech case. a pennsylvania man is suing a fundamentalist church in kansas that pickets at funerals of fallen soldiers. members of the west borough baptist church carry offensive signs and claim the deaths are god's way of punishing the united states for its tolerance of homosexuals. the supreme court is asked to decide whether the actions of the church members are protected by free speech provisions of the constitution. the suit challenging them, was
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filed by al snyder he lost his son in iraq four years ago, and he talked to the media outside of the supreme court minutes ago. >> our son, a hero, dead only to be compounded by the family being targeted and subject to personal attacks bent on hate an injustice at his funeral. that's something no family should have to live through. >> emotions on the issue are running high. our 9 news now's kristin fisher was at the supreme court and filed this report. >> the sign on my left says "thank god for dead soldiers ." >> they are here preaching hatred. >> thank god for breast cancer. >> that really hurt my feelings. >> people on both sides of the supreme court battle squared off for hours on wednesday
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morning. a father of a soldier who says families have a right to privacy and he had a right to bury his son in peace. >> we're here to show this isn't the only side. that there's love and opposition. >> reporter: in addition to all of these people holding signs check out this massive line of people waiting outside of the supreme court. this line stretches all the way down this block and around think corner. many of the people in line are interns or law students, and they say they are willing to wait hours in line because they believe this is the beginning of a historic supreme court case. >> we discussed the case and
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for me it is an emotional side aside from the law. these people are ignorant. you have to laugh at them and not get too mad about the situation and that's how you deal with it. >> 48 states and 42 u.s. senators have asked the court to shield military funerals from west borough church's "psychological torture." bros leshan will have more on the arguments and reaction during the newscast. in virginia a loudoun county man has been arrested on gun charges. according to police, 51-year- old steven underwood discharged a weapon several times during an altercation at his home in purcellville this morning. it reportedly happened during an altercation with an amanitins. underwood was taken in to custody without incident and held is at the loudoun county detention center without bond. two weeks after hit by a
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car a silver spring, maryland woman has died. 22-year-old danny elizabeth ma tay owe was struck on september 25th she was walking along carroll avenue when the driver took off. police are looking for a mid 1990s model pickup truck. a man is being treated for serious injuries that he received when he was hit by a train prince georges county firefighters rescued him this morning the victim was struck off rhode island avenue and webster street in north brentwood. police in arlington are looking for a would be shoplifter who made a daring escape. she was caught trying to steal some shoes at ballston common mall and then she used mace or pepper spray as she was approached. seven people were treated for irritated eyes and skin, but none of the injuries are considered serious. the shoplifter actually got
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away. dc's presumptive next mayor is holding a series of town hall meetings each in a different ward. at the first meeting last night, vincent gray urged citizens to ask him the tough questions. >> that's the kind of administration you are going to find with a gray administration and that is an open, transparent, willingness to be able to hear from the citizens of the district of columbia and we want to have that during this process [ applause ] >> reporter: last night's meeting gray called jobs and education reform his top priority. the next town hall meeting will be held tomorrow from 6:00 to 8 p.m. at the saint columbus episcopal church. and then next tuesday there will be a meeting at the sousa middle school in southeast washington and that town hall meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.
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an emotional meeting in montgomery county where a laytonsville couple met the man who saved their lives. fedex driver earl spence was honored as an everyday hero. spence spotted janet and frank on a road side this summer unconscious in their van. they don't remember the event because they were overcome by gas fumes. >> didn't have an opportunity to thank him for saving our lives. >> kind of emotional. trying to keep myself together because i have wanted to look them in the face. i heard they were all right but it was a pleasure seeing them. >> reporter: police say that in all likelihood the couple would have died if spence had not stopped and called 911. well, the city of haven't is promising to remedy an issue with some of its parking meters. a sharp channel 9 viewer alerted us to the problem in
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old town. people are putting nickels in the meters and they are losing money because they are not receiving credit. >> i have to put coins in for the company vehicle, and i have lost over $3. i was coming from the store -- actually getting change so i could put it in the machine so i wouldn't get a ticket. >> this is a classic case of nickel and diming taxpayers to death. >> reporter: the alexandria city council has authorized the replacement of all single-space meters in old town at the cost of $1,250,000 to taxpayers. city officials insist the new multi-space meters will pay for themselves in two years, and they will be customer friendly by accepting credit cards. for more stories where you live, go to find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. if you have a story or a tip,
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we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team. well, the first segment of maryland's intercounty connector is set to open late this year or early 2011 and motorists will need an e-zpass on the highway. there will not be traditional toll booths on the road linking gaithersburg to laurel. motorists who do not have an e- zpass will be required to pay $3 each in addition to the cost of the toll. a unique hiv testing program is underway in the district of columbia. people doing business at a dmv branch can find out whether they have the virus while they wait. the hiv rate in the district is three times above what is normally considered an epidemic. the tests are offered every tuesday through saturday at the penn branch office in southeast washington. if the program proves to be a
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success, it may be expanded to other dmv branches throughout the city. ben's chili bowl is expanding the menu. this time without meat. the famous u street northwest restaurant is now serving veggie dogs. they cost $4 each ben's says the veggie dogs are getting rave reviews. still ahead, on 9 news now, talk with the enemy. a published report says the afghan government and the taliban are negotiating an end to the war. plus, a state of emergency is declared in hungary where a deadly toxic spill is overrunning towns. we'll be right back.
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the case against a man found guilty in a brutal connecticut home invasion now moves in to the sentencing phase. steven hayes was convicted yesterday of murdering jennifer petite and her daughters. hayes could be sentenced to death. meanwhile, a co-defendant still faces trial. emergency workers and hazmat gears are attempting to
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clean up a disaster in hungary. toxic sludge has flooded several tunes. four people have been killed and 100 injured. there are fears that the sludge could seep in to the danube river. one of the main waterways in europe. secret peace talks are reportedly underway between the government and afghanistan and the taliban. the "washington post" is reporting the negotiations are aimed at ending the 9-year-old war in afghanistan. the taliban has rejected negotiations in the past, but the militants are now said to be considering joining the afghan government. inn and allowing the withdrawal of u.s. and alternate troops. the talks have not prevented attacks on alternate convoys in the region. gunmen in pakistan launch another assault today. five tankers were destroyed. one driver was killed. the attacks came after pakistan blocked the supply route for
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troops in afghanistan. pakistani authorities are angry about repeated incursions in their country by alternate helicopters from afghanistan. the tarp bank bailout program is coming to a close, and it looks like it's coming in way under budget. two years ago the government approved the program for banks. but now it looks like the price tag will be closer to $50 billion. >> i think the taxpayers can get confident from the fact that a program that was literally hated and is still very much disliked among most people in the public for understandable reasons will turn ott to be less costly than was feared. >> reporter: critics say tarp helped wall street more than main street and add that banks may now expect bailouts every time they are in trouble. president obama travels to new jersey this evening.
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he will attend a democratic national committee dinner. the commander in chief was quick during an ad lib that happened yesterday. >> we cannot sustain -- oops [ laughter ] was that my -- [ laughter ] oh, goodness. that's all right [ laughter ] all of you know who i am [ applause ] >> reporter: it was during a small mishap, the presidential spiel fell off the podium. he joked the staffer who hung it was probably sweating bullets. coming up on 9 news now at noon, school safety, parents, students and police join together to walk to school today. howard has our forecast. still kind of chilly out here. we need sunshine to warm things up and that will be coming but not for another 18 to 24 hours.
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one good thing about the cooldown the allergens. they have all come in on the low note which is nice. we will have a much more pleasant seven-day forecast coming up when 9 news now at noon returns.
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this is breast cancer awareness month. the statue is bathed in pink.
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the 130-foot monument looks over rio's beautiful beaches and mountains and you can learn more about preventing breast cancer by going to usa wusa. doctor this is international walk to school day. ike leggett joined students today as they headed to the east silver spring elementary school. mcgruff, the crime dog, was also on hand with some of the most diverse classes in the area, silver spring elementary school is the montgomery county focus school this year. it was also the first school to participate in the walking event back in 1999. walk your child to school day. >> yeah. just be safe doing it. >> yes. >> weather wise, it's a little nippy still. got the gloves on this morning and i take a lot of flak for that from some of my colleagues
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but i'm not going to succumb to peer pressure. >> keep those fingers warm. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, temperatures shoot to the 70s and stay in the 70s on friday, saturday and sunday and monday. if you have the columbus day holiday off, you are going to have a great weekend coming up. let's talk about the rest of the afternoon, though. it is chilly. 58 with the cloud cover, reagan national. we may see an isolated sprinkle or two this afternoon as temperatures get to the low 60s by 6:00 back to 59 and 9:00 mostly cloudy and mid to upper 50s. evening showers are possible mainly north of washington. could be some in the metro but northern areas have a better chance. and then clearing 40s to 50 for a low. still with west winds at five to ten and 6:48:43 on the sunset and tomorrow the sun returns and breezy and warmer, thankfully with highs where they should be in the lower 70s. saw a lot of sunshine across the northern neck and southern maryland earlier.
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the clouds are starting to come back in most areas and there have been one or two sprinkles. most of it is in pennsylvania right now. as we go through the afternoon, don't be surprised if a couple of light showers or sprinkles pop up. temperatures are struggling. no sunshine this time of the year. 41 oak land. 52 cumberland. 53 martinsburg, 55 leesburg and manassas. fredericksburg is 59. a couple of areas that have managed 60. cambridge and tappahannock at 61 but here in town a brisk 58 degrees. west wind at ten and the barometer is steady at 30 inches even. one storm in the southwest has brought flooding rains and a few a tornadoes in northern arizona. rain in l.a. and of course the big rains off the atlantic and eastern massachusetts and much of new england. low pressure is sitting there nearby. it has been here since sunday afternoon. well, we will kick this thing out of here. it has overshea stayed its welcome. a few sprinkles in the evening hours and tomorrow it is
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leaving. the next front kicks it away and as the next front approaches it fizzles. a northwest wind and friday here comes the warmer air and it will be here through the entire weekend. the seven-day forecast, low 60s today. low 70s breezy and sunny tomorrow. friday 77 a great night for high school football. upper 70s on saturday and sunday and monday and more showers are possible not until next tuesday. looks like a nice forecast coming up. we are coming back with more 9 news now at noon after this. wúçúwú
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so does my featured guest in the kitchen today. i'm talking about chef hopkins. he actually studied at the cordon blue in paris and then he graduated from culinary institute in hyde park. worked in las vegas and then he went to italy and found his passion and he created cucina 39. they use natural flavors, slow cooking. you started your own sauce, locally here in mclean, virginia. and what are you going to fix today? >> today we are featuring a sauteed chicken breast with fresh pasta we are doing. and we are going to oses it in the garden vegetable sauce. a nice dish for kids. our tomato-based dish that we put squash, zucchini and
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carrots. we have chicken and we will toss the pasta in here. get it hot. >> that pasta is already precooked. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: all right. and that sauce -- now you brought several of your sauces. these are your own creations. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: what makes them so special? >> we use tomatoes from italy but really high-quality ingredients. no preservatives. we feature al an olive caper sauce, a marinara and garden vegetable sauce. >> reporter: and these sauces can be purchased at local safeway, giant, dean and deluca and where else? >> whole foods. >> reporter: whole foods, yes. look for them. they are locally created by chef hop quince and the flavor is incredible. >> yes. we also sell our sauces too at organic butcher and a new product on the market which is
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a hand made turkey lasagna sold at the stores i mentioned. >> it is very easy. the recipe will be on our website at and it is very easy to prepare. not different at all. and let's take a look at the finished product, which is right here. oh, turkey breast. >> chicken breasts. >> i don't know where i got turkey from, that has been sauteed. >> i'm sure you can do it with turkey. >> and the fabulous cucina 39 sauces. you must try them. oh, the arrow na ma is just delightful. thank you, chef. thank you, chef hopkins. thank you for coming. and thank you for being with us. doesn't it smell good? come back and join us at 5:00. are we going to have a wonderful lunch today. >> thank you. bye-bye. cñcñcocccccccccvcvcvcvcvccc
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